About Us

The Corn Palace is located at 604 North Main Street in Mitchell, South Dakota. During the summer months the Corn Palace offers free guided tours led by friendly guides full of "a-maize-ing" facts, like how many nails and staples are used in the decoration process. The tour also features an outstanding video explaining the Corn Palace Story. After the tour you can view displays about the Corn Palace, how the murals are created, souvenirs and entertainment from the past, and how the corn is grown.

Come and experience it! Visiting is free!
  1. Corn Cam

    View a live feed of the Corn Palace, courtesy of OnSight 24/7.

  2. Corn Palace History

    Learn more about the history of the world's only Corn Palace, established in 1892.

  3. Corn Palace Murals

    View a listing of the numerous mural themes that the Corn Palace has used over the years, and view this year's murals.

  4. Book the Corn Palace

    Find out to book the Corn Palace for your event.

  5. Photo Gallery

    View a gallery of images of the Corn Palace through the years.

  6. Scoreboard Sponsorship

    Thank you to our scoreboard sponsors for their continued support toward the events at the Corn Palace.

  7. Sporting Events

    Find upcoming sporting events using our online calendar.